Live in the Drum – Sept. 30

by Elizabeth Short

Every last Thursday of the month Mad 4 U presents Live in the Drum. Live in the Drum takes place in the Festival Drum during the evening and features local bands.

On this particular Thursday, two local bands performed, the Cosmic Blackbirds and Clear View.

The Cosmic Blackbirds were the first to perform. At first the crowd was still and quiet. Then, during the middle of a song, bassist Matt Redabaugh took the show to the crowd by jamming right in front of students who immediately fell in love with the band and became eager to hear more.

The band from Haymarket, Va., consists of five members: Nate Dressel  (Vocals), Cameron Lodge (Guitar), Matt Redabaugh (Bass), Jon Combs (Drums), and Austin Kim (Guitar/Keys).

Senior Finance major Chloe Paccaly, had this to say about the band, “They were really cool. I enjoyed listening to their music; they had a good vibe about them.”

Cosmic Blackbirds’ performance was one that showed confidence and a love for music. Their passion was seen in their show as Jon put all his effort into playing the drums and Nate moved the microphone in sync as he sang the words to the songs.

After an hour of playing, the Cosmic Blackbirds cleared the stage allowing Clear View to set the stage up for their performance. From Bridgewater Va., the five band members, Michael Lupton, Jake Taylor, Peter Loomis, Mike Nelson, and Tim Reckley gave a great performance that had the crowds’ full attention.

To find out more information about what is going on in Mad 4 U “Like” their Facebook page, “Mad 4 You.”

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