What exactly is University Unions?

The term “University Unions” refers to the physical buildings of Festival and the Madison Union (Warren, Taylor, and Grafton,) as well as the programs and organizations they house. The goal of these services, programs, and facilities provided by University Unions is to create community at JMU, and to really cater to the needs of the students.

Students use University Unions facilities every day: from grabbing a cup of coffee in Java City, to playing pool in TDU, to meeting with group members in a room in Taylor, to asking a question at the Off-Campus Life desk in Festival. The buildings provide places for students to work and relax. There are also plenty of organizations within University Unions with which to get involved, like University Program Board, Make Your Mark on Madison, Student Activities and Involvement, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Kijiji Leadership, Student Government Association, and Mad4U. University Unions also provides valuable services including Ride Board, UDAP, Off-Campus Life, the Club House, and Outriggers.

University Unions is the “Heart and Soul of JMU.” Check out the University Unions website for more details of upcoming events and ways to get involved!

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