Study Unions

by Mike Bock

If any of you out there are like me and can’t get work done in your own apartment or dorm, you might be happy to hear that University Unions is planning the new “Study Unions” to help you prep for your exams.

JMU is opening up the Festival and Taylor and Warren Halls to anyone who wants to study during finals week. Each of the three buildings will be open 24 hours from Sunday, December 12 to Tuesday, December 14. That’s not even the best part; there will be food and a team of massage therapists giving out free head and neck massages.

Anyone who has spent more than a semester at JMU knows that, during finals week, both ECL and Carrier Library are going to be more crowded than D-Hall on Grilled Cheese Thursday. Since the Study Unions are so new, they haven’t really been publicized yet… which means that there should be plenty of room for you and your study group in any of the three buildings.

This sounds great for anyone who plans on cramming non-stop for finals, but what about all of the slackers out there? Well, the University Unions has got your back, too. Grafton-Stovall Theater will be showing free movies and episodes of Glee to help you goof off while your friends are studying. And if you’re dangerously low on Dining Dollars, there will be free food offered at certain times during the week.

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