Photo of a young man decorating cupcakes to look like a rock band

Cupcake Wars Revealed

by Molly Robinson

Photograph of cupcakes decorated and arranged to look like the band Hanson
Cupcake Hanson

If you thought that your decorating cupcake days were done in kindergarten, you were wrong. 50 participants had 200 small cupcakes, 50 jumbo cupcakes, and three foot 12” by 12” containers of frosting worth of fun. Not to mention deliciousness of chocolate boxes, dining vouchers, campus cookies coupons, and assorted candy and snacks among other prizes the cupcake-decorating winners got to enjoy.

I do not know who made the correlation between Coca Cola and cupcakes. Maybe a student who knew they would benefit from the sugar-high boost for the their studying all-nighter after the event? Whatever the case, many participants enjoyed the combination of basketball, Coca Cola, and cupcakes with enthusiasm to win Coca Cola prizes from the basketball “Pop-A-Shot” contest.

Were you there? What were some of the most creative cupcakes you saw?

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