Spring Semester: The Start of Something Big

by Mike Bock

I have mixed feelings about returning to JMU this semester. My wallet took a beating at the bookstore on Sunday, and I can’t really get on board with the below-freezing temperatures of the Shenandoah Valley. On the other hand, it’s been great catching up with friends, and returning has a special significance for me since I graduate in May.

It feels like just a few weeks ago that I was carrying around my Mappy and trying desperately to find Miller Hall in time for my first Gen-Ed. I have spent four of the best years of my life at James Madison University, and even though I’ll miss it in May, I’ll cherish the memories I made here for the rest of my life.

I’d like to issue a challenge to all JMU students (but especially seniors): do something this semester that you’ve never done before.  Join a club. See a play. Cheer on the Dukes at a game. College is a time for learning, but don’t just limit your learning to the classroom. Make the most of your time at JMU, and finish the year with no regrets.

Oh, but don’t do anything illegal.

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