Tea Time

by Elizabeth Short

Have you missed those tea and scone breaks from studying on Wednesday afternoons? Well, Teatime is back! Mad4U will continue to provide the JMU community with free tea and scones every Wednesday at 4p.m. this semester.

I find myself drinking tea every once in a while, which made me start wondering about the health benefits of drinking tea, if any. So, I did some research and found a great blog that described some of the health benefits. The blog, Eat Drink Better, convinced me to drink tea more often, so maybe it will do the same for you. Here are just a few of the health benefits:

•    Tea contains antioxidants, which can help slow down the aging process
•    Tea can lower stress hormone levels – we could all use some stress relief
•    Tea fights cavities and reduces plaque – we all want healthy teeth
•    Tea keeps you hydrated – every cup of tea counts as a cup of water
•    Tea can help beat bacteria and aid your immune defenses– nobody likes being sick

I hope some of you will consider coming to Teatime today or in the future. I know I will be there!

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