Molly’s Thoughts on GenEds

GenEds Equal Gelatinous Brains

by Molly Robinson

Most people understand that in order to succeed in any job you need to have common sense and a good head on your shoulders, but how a history class GenEd class helps a Computer Information Systems major, I do not know. Nor can I figure out why a Philosophy major is required to take some kind Chemistry, Physics, or Environmental class. Maybe what happened in 1842 will come up in a coffee break convo when the CIS is in his corporate job office, and, possibly, the Philosophy major could ponder the deeper reasons why their science course is meaningful on some subconscious level. But, lets face it, in reality most of us will never use a good majority of our GenEd courses when we are out in the “real world” because they are not applicable to our specific career focuses.

Any student at JMU can testify that the General Education Program here is a little over the top and some would say that it’s just plain unnecessary. When push comes to shove, instead of going to bed after studying for the courses that are necessary for our major, we have to pull out the espresso and dive into out GenEd homework. Not only are students overworked when it comes to GenEds, but they also come to class with a disinterested attitude because they have in mind that after they pass the course, they never have to think about the subject again. Since no teacher wants a student in class who does not care about the material, the GenEd program should be tailored to fit each major. In the long run, this change would be undoubtedly pleasing to both students and teachers alike.

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