Thoughts on the Super Bowl

by Mike Bock

“Wow… I really didn’t think the Steelers bandwagon could hold any more people.”

As I checked Facebook this morning while eating my cereal, I saw dozens of posts, ranging from devoted to borderline offensive, about the Steelers, the Jets, and the upcoming Super Bowl game. As a non-partisan Redskins fan from Maryland, I couldn’t care less about the outcome, but I love football and wouldn’t miss the game for the birth of my child.

Despite not having a stake in who actually wins, I will gladly take part in one of my favorite pre-Bowl activities—watching people trash talk. Trash talking adds a whole new layer to the Super Bowl hype, and it’s fun to see how riled up people can get while defending their favorite teams. Opinions like the one above (written on Facebook by a friend of mine who was apparently disappointed with the results of the AFC Championship game) will be popping up all over the place in the next few weeks, and it’s important that you try not to take them too seriously.

For the record, though, my money’s on the Steelers.

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