by Elizabeth Short

Yesterday, I and many other students at JMU waited in anticipation for the 4-8 inches of snow we were supposed to get. After a morning of rain and ice I just wanted to see white flakes fall from the sky. During the hour I was sitting in the Carrier Starbucks the snow finally came and covered the sidewalks and roads! I was thrilled; I could now go home and veg-out. However, I was not anticipating the HOUR long commute home from campus.

Although I drive a Jeep Liberty, I did not want to deal with any hills on my way home, so I avoided Port Republic and the huge hill leading up to Copper Beech. Therefore, I went downtown towards East Market St…..bad idea. Cars were sliding and spinning out everywhere causing major delays.

I eventually made it home and took advantage of not having anywhere to be. I caught up on my TV shows and watched not one but two movies with my roommate. And now as I am writing this post I am enjoying my morning coffee and another snow day!

How did you spend your snow day?

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