The Persnickety Punch

by Molly Robinson

Either as freshmen or as transfer students, we all got to know the ins and outs of on-campus dining the first year that we called ourselves “Dukes”. Perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of acclimating to JMU was learning the value of a dining “punch”.

Although there are some freshmen that prefer to stay on the side of the campus that houses their dorm and have only eaten at the same two places their entire academic career at JMU, most of us know the value of a punch at various locations.

For example, we know that an all-you-can-eat meal at E-hall is only equal to a cup of soup and a drink from PC Dukes. You can also help yourself to desserts and ice cream galore at D-hall, but if you help yourself to dessert at Festival, you will find your FLEX or dining dollar accounts seriously depleted over the course of a couple of days.

And then there’s the concept of proportioning…the fact that you can go to E hall and get seconds and thirds of burgers and fries doesn’t seem equal to the fact that you have to pay more in addition to a punch just to get a side of fries with your burger at the new burger place at Festival.

Learning the ropes of on-campus dining is the price to pay for the third best-ranked college food in nation. Though the nooks and crannies of the punch and dining dollar system can be irksome, most of us wouldn’t trade the quality of the food here for a simpler system.

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