VIP Tickets

by Mike Bock

If you told me two weeks ago that I would end up using Facebook for anything other than wasting time, I would have recommended that you get your head examined. Imagine my surprise when I received an invitation from “JMU’s Class of 2011” Facebook group to enter a contest for free VIP basketball tickets for Saturday’s game against VCU, and won later that day.

As it turns out, winning VIP tickets is pretty sweet. There was a catch, of course- myself and the other fifteen seniors who won had to sit through a sales pitch for the Duke Club (which is sort of like the Student Duke Club, except for the fact that the people in the Duke Club actually have money to donate to JMU sports.) However, once that presentation was over, we were able to fully utilize the lunch, which was catered by Local Chop and Grill House, and the open bar located in the Hospitality room. Even though the game turned out to be a heartbreaking loss for the Dukes, I had a great time and would definitely do it again.

I’m not sure that there’s a moral to this story, other than the fact that it doesn’t hurt to check Facebook more often.


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