Undergrad- Make or Break

by Molly Robinson

There are so many varying opinions about what undergrad means for the individual. Some say it means nothing and that it’s just a time in your life to have fun and get blanket degree. Others insist that it is the gateway to success in life in that how well one does academically leads to what programs, jobs, graduate, and medical schools they get into. Still, another way undergrad is presented is that it is an outlet for personal growth suggesting that dorm life, classes that allow for personal time management, and the ability to choose how spend free time independently allow for discovery of self meaning.

Whatever the varying opinions, it is pretty apparent that the undergrad experience isn’t one way or the other- it’s simply what you make it. One could spend their entire college life outside of class in their room and not take in any significant meaning apart from what they have already experienced. Or, instead, they could be involved in every student organization possible: meeting people, gaining connections, and being completely consumed in the atmosphere. Still, there is always the avenue of getting by classes, and simply finding an amazing group of friends that are unique to you compared the drones of students. There is no winner in theses scenarios because undergrad is four years of one’s life (in most cases) and it’s a matter of choice in labeling it a phase, chuck of time, defining moment, or critical period.  Maybe it’s only our futures that will tell whether undergrad will or will not be the end-all-be-all.

One thought on “Undergrad- Make or Break”

  1. Molly,

    Nice thoughts…thanks for the topic. Some of us believe that everything in life is a choice. You can not always control what happens to you in life, but you can always choose how you respond to it. The fact that you are an undergrad…and an undergrad at JMU…is completely a choice. Even many of those things that do not feel like they are a choice…are really a choice. If you go to class or not…what classes you are taking…if you decide to join an organization…all these things are choices you make. So, what you make of your four (or five or six!) undergrad years, is mostly your choice, both in what you do, and how you respond to the choices you make and those things that happen “to” you. You all have a lot more control than maybe you realize. So enjoy the life you have chosen!

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