Valentine’s Day- the hype, happiness, the hydrangeas, and the heavy expectations on one day of celebration

by Molly Robinson

The end of January can be compared to the end of the November, but instead of the green and red bombarding every surface imaginable, red, pink, and white invade from frosting on the cookies and cupcakes in the grocery store to the heart decorations on the windows.

It seems to me like every American holiday gets commercialized. The focus of the holiday shifts from why it exists and the reasoning behind celebrating to material goods and a lot space-filler junk- paper decorations, gifts without meaning, and excess food just because it’s a holiday, of course. So how did a story about Emperor Claudius II outlawing marriage in order to promote soldiers and the military, and, then, ordering the death of a priest named Valentine who went against the law to marry couples in love go to “Here, toots, here’s your box of chocolate?” Over time, our society has made Valentine’s day a routine, flavor of the month.

But, when push comes to shove, what the public makes of Valentine’s Day doesn’t really matter. Everyone knows Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and everyone does celebrate it. The people who celebrate “Anti-Valentine’s Day” parties celebrate the company of friends who all happen to dislike the open expression of love.  Some spend it with their families and celebrate a different kind of company. Others will spend it on the couch alone watching their favorite movie with ice cream, celebrating what makes them happy. Others will spend it with a significant other, celebrating what they have together. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be cliché, it can be an expression the people or things that make for the good in life, and the word love definitely falls under that category because we all couldn’t live without it.

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