Anti-Valentine’s Day

by Mike Bock

I, along with what seems like 3% of the JMU student population, will be spending this Valentine’s Day single and alone. It’s easy to see why this day sucks if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, but I’m here to tell you readers that being single isn’t the worst thing in the world. So put down that half-pint of Chubby Hubby and read a few of the reasons why spending Valentine’s Day alone is awesome:

  1. No fighting about what movie you want to watch. Guys, you won’t have to sit through The Notebook again, and girls, if 300 isn’t your thing, today is your lucky day.
  2. Slackers, take note- you don’t need to worry about not having a reservation for a restaurant.
  3. Since nobody’s buying you chocolate or candy, you don’t have to burn it off at the gym tomorrow. Sorry, Stairmaster, looks like you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day alone, too.
  4. You could get a lot of homework done. Actually, this isn’t really a benefit.

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