The Big Event

by Elizabeth Short

On Monday, The Breeze printed a front-page article, “On-Campus Block Party?” I just got around to reading the article and at first glance I thought, ‘there is no way that an event like this will be successful at JMU.’ However, as I was reading the article I had a change of thought.  This event has a strong potential of being successful at JMU and it might help to improve our relationship with the Harrisonburg community.

The Big Event is tentatively planned for April 9. (Correction: It’s definitely planned for April 9!) The idea behind the event is that students would go to local neighborhoods and help with home improvement or different neighborhood projects. After the event, the students can possibly look forward to an alternative-Springfest celebration with live music.

I didn’t attend Springfest last year and would never attend one in the future. I know there are many other students at JMU who would say the same thing. The Big Event, as described in The Breeze article, will provide students who do not party a chance to celebrate the beginning of spring and relax with friends. I am now looking forward to The Big Event on April 9!

3 thoughts on “The Big Event”

  1. Hey there! Glad to see that The Breeze article helped spread the word about The Big Event! Just wanted to pop by and mention that there was a bit of a typo. We’re not tentatively planned for April 9th. We _are_ planned for April 9th. We’ll definitely be following through.

    Glad to hear you’re looking forward to The Big Event, and keep an eye on Online sign-up isn’t working yet, but it should be soon!

    Andy Eblin
    (Co)Director, The Big Event

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