Freshman Claustrophobia

by Molly Robinson

Sometimes living in a dorm can be fun- you might room with a friend and have some fun people to hang out with across the hall. All you need to do if you want some one to get a bight to eat with is just knock on a few doors and chances are that someone else is hungry too.

But there’s a different side of dorm life. There’s undeniable fact that the person next door to you knows more than you would like them to know about your life just because of close living quarters, word of mouth, and hallway gossip. There’s also the possibility that you’ll be stuck around people you wouldn’t have chosen to be around in your wildest dreams. Initially, there’s also this assumption that you should hang out with the people you live around because, as a freshman, you’re ignorant to the fact that, while proximity is convenient, it does not encompass the quality of other people that exist beyond your hallway in such a large undergraduate population.

Living in a dorm is one thing, but not having a car in another. Some days feeling absolutely suffocated is not out of the question- on a freezing cold Friday night there is a very little list of things to do if you don’t want to brave the weather to walk across campus to some free event. Whereas, if you had your car, you could spend the evening at a coffee shop in down-town Harrisonburg or scope out a new movie at Regal. A few days of weather in the late 60s, peaking at 70s is a nice break from the indoors of classrooms and dorm rooms for those who live on campus without cars. A walk on the quad in shorts is a blissful tease of spring, knowing that temperatures are sure to plummet again sometimes soon. The reality is although, on-campus life without a car can sometimes seem limiting, it definitely will be even more rewarding when the upperclassmen years of having your own room and possibly a car to use finally come.

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