Spring Break: Break or Not

by Molly Robinson

Depending on your major, Spring Break can mean leisure and relaxation or simply catching up on course work and studying.

For a student in a science or math class, such as physiology or calculus, chances are that you have an exam the week following break. Many may plan on pulling a bunch of all nighters to make up for lost ground. But for those of us who except that all-nighters are more detrimental than not to our bodies and grades, then at least half of break will be filled with course work that, unavoidably, needs to get done before returning to school.

On the other hand, there are those students who will not be returning to a difficult course load when returning from break who eagerly await kicking their feet back at the beach or a cruise and not even dreaming of exams in the future.

Although Spring Break is well needed for everyone, there is, undoubtedly, two completely different spectrums of break usage- to get academic bearing back- together or to have fun and unwind.


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