The Print Says Spring

by Molly Robinson

When the first spring clothes roll out in department stores and thoughts of spring and summer breaks are in the air, it’s amazing how quickly magazines and pamphlets bounce back to the same article subjects year after year.  New and improved diets, exercise routines, outfits to make you look and feel slim, and titles along those lines invade the surfaces of displays as you go through the checkout line at the grocery store, peruse the magazine aisle at bookstores, and reading the” Potty Mouth” pamphlet on the back of bathroom stalls, if you’re part of the JMU community. Not that these articles are, by any means, a bad thing, but why is it that every year a good portion of us Americans suddenly forget that we read pretty much the same content of the articles last year? Perhaps there is something about the word “new” that makes us consumers believe that if we read that article, we will suddenly shed enough pounds and sprout 5 inches so that we can look like Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie swimsuit models. One thing is for sure; a new season doesn’t necessarily mean a change in the way dieting works or the way magazines pull us in year after year with the same hooks.

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