by Mike Bock

Yesterday I reached the midway point of my intramural season by finishing the second of four Co-Rec Ultimate games at the ISAT field (for those of you confused, Ultimate is the official name for Ultimate Frisbee.) Our team got destroyed 12-2, and even though I’m not thrilled about losing, we learned a lot and should be better prepared for the next game.

I love intramural sports at JMU. I was a one-sport athlete in high school, and didn’t really get a chance to play for fun until I got to JMU. Sports sponsored by UREC give people like me a chance to meet up with their friends for an hour or two per week and burn off some steam (and calories) in a relaxed but competitive atmosphere. Club and intramural teams range from the conventional (like soccer and flag football) to the more “fringe” sports (like the Triathlon club and the newly created Battleship league.) No matter what sport or team you’re interested in, you can bet that UREC has a team for it.

With national obesity rates rising and with plenty of exams and tests to study for, it’s more important than ever that we commit to an active and healthy lifestyle. Intramural and club sports teams can play a part in making our years at JMU a healthy and enjoyable experience.

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