Living Through the Rush

by Molly Robinson

March, April, and May at JMU are filled with the chaos of bipolar weather, tests, election of new board members for clubs, hiring students for on-campus jobs for the next school year, putting together schedules for next semester, final exams, and for some, the madness and happiness of graduation.

Because of the changes going on in such a short time, it’s easy for students to get either completely stressed or completely sidetracked from what’s important. The key to getting through these hectic months lies in focusing on the end results that you want from the semester. For some it may just be finishing their senior year, for others passing Anatomy, and for a select few, getting elected as president of a student organization. It’s completely possible for students to achieve their goals for the semester if they don’t let academia get them too depressed and down that they can’t enjoy anything else (or conversely, if having fun doesn’t overshadow any important tasks we might have.)

Balancing all that goes on during March, April, and May can be difficult for any student, but approaching goals with a clear head and motivation can make these months more pleasant than expected.


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