Two students are using the crosswalk and a car is at the stop sign, waiting for them to pass.

No Cars

by Mike Bock

As you may or may not be aware, JMU is slowly in the process of making campus a car-free zone. Starting next year, only registered JMU vehicles and HDPT buses will be able to drive on the section of Blue Ridge drive ranging from the South Main Street intersection to about where Mr. Chips is located. Plenty of my fellow students are not exactly thrilled with this idea, citing reasons such as “it will be way too difficult to get around” to “we’re turning into another UVA”.

While the decision to reduce on-campus driving doesn’t really affect me (or the rest of the senior class), I can see why people are getting upset. The JMU we love, the JMU we applied to and were accepted into, is slowly changing into something that will be unrecognizable in the next few decades. Losing a driveway next year isn’t just about inconvenience—it signifies the beginning of a process that will demolish the dorms we stayed in as freshmen, the fields we played on, and the buildings we hung out in. An unbiased observer probably wouldn’t object to the changes that will be made at JMU, but changing the campus we grew to love is going to bring up some complicated emotions from students and alumni alike.

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