Giving Back to the Community

by Elizabeth Short

This past weekend JMU’s Student Government Association hosted The Big Event, a day of service to the Harrisonburg community. Through word-of-mouth I heard that SGA had a goal of 500 participants, but over 800 signed up! Go Dukes!

I signed up with JMU PRSSA for The Big Event and had a great time. Yes, there was a time or two that I thought it was a little unorganized, but overall I thought that it was a great event, which should definitely occur in the future.

So, you are probably wondering what my group did for the community? We worked in partnership with Blacks Run/Downtown Cleanup Day. When we arrived at our check-in spot they provided us with neon orange vests and trash bags, and gloves. Then we were told exactly what we would be doing…instead of cleaning out the river, like we originally thought, we picked up trash along Vine St.  At least I was only cold, not wet and cold!

I haven’t done service in a long time, so it felt good giving back to the community this past weekend. I believe that the JMU community definitely showed the Harrisonburg community that we have more to offer than what was shown at Springfest.

Did you participate in The Big Event? If so, where did you do your service?

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