Random Observations

by Mike Bock

Rather than doing a traditional blog post, I thought I’d break it up into a few random observations.

  • Not sure if anyone managed to make it over to the Arboretum in Saturday’s monsoon, but I drove by it and it was almost totally flooded. The water level made it up to the side of the benches. Wow, nature.
  • My buddy in the College of Business is graduating in May. He already has a sweet job lined up, but the joke is on him: he has to wear a brown sash as a part of a graduation robe. I can’t imagine it’s going to look great with those purple robes.
  • Student Employee Appreciation Day was today, and the University Unions gave us a ton of free food. Thanks, JMU!
  • When did hookah on the Quad become so popular? It seems like I can’t even walk to campus without tripping over one of those hoses.

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