The Spirit Rock

by Molly Robinson

About few weeks ago, a spirit rock was added to the East side of campus. It’s located near the sidewalk on the grass lawn closest to the side of ISAT that faces the East Campus dorms.

At first when I saw the rock, I thought it was a pretty silly idea. I thought, “How can the student body possibly be motivated to show school spirit by simply just looking at a painted rock?” Not to mention, it doesn’t necessarily match with the ISAT building/dorm designs or the lawn- its sort of looks like it was just dropped into that location on accident.

But now, as a couple of weeks have passed, I have seen how the spirit rock that I made fun of initially is actually a good creative means for students to advertise campus activities. Different organizations take turns painting the rock in various bright, appealing colors to publicize their events. Who would have thought that a giant boulder would have the ability to make marketing into an engaging art form?

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