Picture of a young woman in athletic clothes wearing a headband with her hair in a bun.

Hippie Headbands… Why?

The title speaks for itself—I want to know why you wear these things. They serve no apparent function, except to force your hair to stay in front of your ears and on the side of your face, which can be maddening. Not to mention, you have no peripheral vision. This fashion trend is dangerous!

Also, ladies, why do you where them when you work out? I’ve been at track meets and seen people running events like the 800 with their hair down and that hippie headband on while their hair flies all over their face. WHY? This is a work out headband; you have your hair tied back and the band keeps the bothersome fly-aways out of your face so you can see.

Picture of a young woman in athletic clothes wearing a headband with her hair in a bun.
Hippie Headbands…for Athletes?

So it’s a trend thing? Trying to bring the hippie back? Fight the man? NO. Headbands were originally created to keep sweat out of your eyes. They were used extensively in Vietnam by the military, which also happened to include drafted hippies. When they returned from Vietnam they passed this knowledge on to their hippie friends who started off using it for the same purpose—as summers in parts of the U.S can be pretty hot as well. Ironically, that’s how they were introduced to the hippie community. Somewhere along the way, their function was lost and the bands became skinnier and stylish.

All in all, if you want to wear them, wear them—to each her own. You’re only this young once; you can wonder why you wore it later. Keep in mind that this is a trend that will probably be acceptable only through your college years, so no need to buy a $58.00 hippie headband like this. You can buy them for as little as $5.00 on Etsy.com or go to Michaels and get the material to make your own!

2 thoughts on “Hippie Headbands… Why?”

  1. No your wrong I’m a hippie myself we wear the headbands so you can see our faces god gave us people now have there hair all in there faces were free spirited we don’t care what you say

  2. Valair is obviously a hippie that cant read.
    In the article the author clearly states that the thin headbands scene kids are wearing are the opposite. These thin little bands sit on your head make it look bulbous and weird while also providing so sweat protection and in fact keeps the hair in your face not out of it. These girls look dumb wearing them and personally I’m convinced these ditz are wearing them to keep the hot air in their heads from escaping.
    If you want people to see the beautiful face God gave you then pull your hair back and maybe present yourself as more than just a pretty face.

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