Appropriate Places to Snapchat: Is There Such a Thing?

by Molly Robinson

There are certain moments where it is perfectly okay to whip out your phone and take a Snapchat of a notable moment, such as your friend getting pied in the face or a dog doing a ridiculous body movement. But what about those “reply” selfies? Is it okay to Snapchat in the hallway? What about at lunch?

In all actuality, people use Snapchat for different reasons, and I totally agree with BuzzFeed’s 12 stereotypes of friends on Snapchat:

Regardless of your Snapchat use in college, I have compiled a few do’s and don’ts for the appropriate use Snapchat:

1. DO send selfies when now one is watching.
2. DON’T take or send snaps when in class.
3. DON’T take or send snaps while walking; trust me, you will run in to something.
4. DO take group snaps in a public setting—only when you’re in a group. Nothing looks weirder than you making a demented face at your phone while sitting in the corner of TDU by yourself.
5. DON’T open a snap in a public setting, such as class, if you have reasonable cause to believe it will make you burst out laughing.

Happy snapping!

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