Popular TV Shows – Why?

by Molly Robinson

I like to watch TV because good shows are a way to escape reality for a while and immerse yourself in an alternate frame of mind. This being said, I want to highlight a few shows that have been extraordinarily popular in the past few months and share my thoughts.

The Bachelor– He’s a single dad, a former pro-soccer player; he’s Juan Pablo. Why multiple attractive girls find it necessary to fight over one guy, no one really knows. Is it too much to wonder why some of these women are still single at age 32? Clare, for instance, basically throws her body at Juan whenever she feels like “opening up.” Whereas Sharleen, the Opera singer, judges everything based on whether or not she feels organic. Who will be the one who “wins” the game of marrying Juan? Does it matter?

Pretty Little Liars– Who is A? Ali is back from the dead, but maybe that’s not necessarily a good thing. Probably the most captivating part of this show is how these girls wind up in the same situations over and over again. When will they ever reach the conclusion that being alone on dark, rainy nights in mental wards, cabins, or deserted schools in never a good idea? Spencer, Aria, Mona, Ezra, Toby, Wren—the range of unique names in the show never ceases to amaze.

Nashville– Is it endless cheating and affairs what makes this show so popular or is it the bad attitude and temper tantrums of main character, Juliette? Sure, the music in the show is sometimes surprisingly good, but is that enough to resolve the horrible family conflicts and secrets?

Breaking Bad– This show may illustrate everything bad in the world in just thirty minutes: drugs, murder, family betrayal, stealing, ect. Props to the creativity of the producers and sincerity of the actors and actresses—I could never pretend any of the content was remotely okay.

If you’re sick of the popular main stream shows check out Castle, a murder mystery show about a comical writer and a female police officer with attitude, or the West Wing seasons on Amazon Prime—I know it’s an old show, but it’s worth it—its captivating, real, and touching without themes of cheating and competition as the main attraction.

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