Enjoy the Season, go Snowboarding!

by Lauren Privette

It’s the perfect time of year for one of my favorite hobbies—snowboarding. Dropping temperatures and winter storms are things to get excited about when snowboarding’s a hobby. In honor of this seasonal hobby and the current Winter Olympics in Sochi, I’d like to highlight a few resorts, both local and far away, where you can enjoy this sport.

Massanutten: A short trip away and great deals for students, Massanutten Resort offers a convenient place to snowboard for both beginners and veterans. For only $18.00 a ticket and $12.00 to rent with the presentation of your Jac card, you can ski from 4:00 until close on Thursdays.

Bryce: A little less than an hour away is Bryce Resort. This four-season resort offers much the same as Massanutten; however, it’s more geared towards beginners as Bryce offers easier and fewer slopes.

Timberline and Canaan Valley: These resorts are about two hours away from the ‘burg and are better for those of you intermediates and up. The slopes are evenly split up amongst greens, blues, and blacks. But for those of you who consider yourselves experts, Timberline Resort has significantly more double-black diamonds.

New York and Vermont: For the serious snowboarder—head to New York or Vermont. I know it’s a trip, but on the east coast these two states have the best slopes you can find. Holiday Valley (NY), Smugglers’ Notch (VT), Hunter Mountain (NY), and Stowe Mountain (VT) are just a few on a long list of resorts in the northeast. Many of these mountains have at least double the runs you’ll find in Virginia. Smugglers’ Notch, for example, has 76 trails with its longest run 3 miles long… Massanutten on the other hand has 12 runs with its longest run at 0.75 miles long.

Finally, before you head out, get the FREE app “Alpine Replay.” It records your sustained speed, max speed, average speed, distance, vertical, jumps, airtime, calories expended, and many more. It’s a fun app, but don’t try to keep beating your max speed—though it is tempting, it’s dangerous!

On that note, I hope you’ve been inspired to try snowboarding out for the first time, or, for you veterans, to branch outside of Virginia and West Virginia. Now get out there and shred!

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