Affordable Spring Breaks—they’re Possible!

By Lauren Privette

It’s almost spring break, and you can’t get anyone to commit to any sort of plans. It’s a situation many college students find themselves in. The fact of the matter is that money is an issue. For this reason, I’d like to propose a few spring break options for you plan-procrastinators that keep money in mind.

  •  Beach Camping! – With our early spring break, it’s an unfortunate fact of life that you’re going to have to drive at least 500 miles south of the ‘burg for some decently warm weather. And, if you actually want to enjoy swimming in the Atlantic, you’ll have to go at least 700 miles ‘till you hit consistent, 80 degree weather. Here are a few beaches on Florida’s beautiful coast I’d like to recommend that will let you experience an adventurous, affordable spring break.
  • Anastasia State Park on Anastasia Island in St. Augustine Florida—a city originally founded by the Spanish in 1575. You can camp on the beach or rent a cabin (roughly $55 a night), and, you can walk from one side of the island easily as it’s only 0.4 miles wide! Additionally, you are 2 miles away from the European styled old town. At Anastasia State Park you’ll have the benefits of both camping and being near a unique city.
  •  Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is only 12 miles from Miami and has 1.25 miles of natural Florida beaches. I’ve included this one especially because of its proximity to Miami… It’s perfect for those of you who want that college spring break experience. And like the aforementioned Anastasia State Park, there are a TON of amenities offered— so don’t panic, there are showers at both!
  • Snow Sports! – It’s weird to think of this as something to do over spring break, but it’s actually the perfect time! Late season usually begins in March which means dropping prices. For those of you off-campus, you might even consider staying at JMU and taking advantage of Massanutten Resort; their late season begins March 3rd.

Overall, it’s important to have fun! Hopefully these ideas help you and your friends decide upon a memorable spring break experience that won’t break the bank. Personally, I will be taking advantage of Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park; you never know how much longer Miami has with impending sea level rise so might as well see it now! Happy Camping!

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