1, 2, 3, 4…That was what BVI was for

by Molly Robinson

I never would’ve guessed that I would be sailing from island to island in the British Virgin Islands during spring break. Fortunately, someone close to me blessed me with the opportunity to take the trip. Here are some highlights:

Road Town, Tortola

Home to the original Pussers bar—famous for its chain waterfront locations globally and known to attract sailors of all types—and the starting point for many tourists, Tortola gives a small snapshot of island life including white beaches, friendly island-time locals, and palm trees.

Jost Van Dyke, Great Harbour and White Bay

The ultimate beach volley ball and paradise-like views, the Soggy Dollar bar…this location made it easy to forget reality.

Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

On the way to this location, some of our crewmembers got to explore an under water plane wreck. Others adventured through the caves and pools under the giant boulders of the Bathes. After a long day of sun and water, Little Dix Bay Hotel provided a great way to unwind by linking up with other boats and dancing the night away.


….happened to be in the prime lobster season and is also known for its coral reefs and being a millionaire yacht destination. On the way to setting anchor near the beach, we visitied a yacht club that was, for lack of a better word, unreal, and came complete with an infinity pool and nautical themed rooms.

Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

On the way to this destination, our crew snorkeled and dove through a shipwreck. This bay is home to the world-famous bar, Willy Tees. The bar is literally a giant boat with multiple floors playing different music; it’s also known for the crazy behavior of its customers.

Other noteworthy events:
-Someone climbing a coconut tree with his bare hands, with success at retrieving three coconuts; the tree left him with cuts all over his body.
-A dolphin swimming by our boat for two solid minutes.
-Someone catching a barracuda while trying to fish.
-Food staples included endless mac & cheese and hotdogs.
-Boats rafted up next to each other proved to be a an obstacle course. In order for us to socialize on different boats, we had to climb and limp, leaving me with several bruises but lots of good laughs; someone told me to “learn some grace”…ok, thanks.
-Meeting people from at least five different countries including Argentina and Ireland.
-Sleeping on a boat with 7 very different people, with very limited access to showers or real toilets

Yacht week provided us a euphoric experience that simply cannot be summed up to in one blog post. I can tell you, though; I wouldn’t take any of it back. Though I didn’t let my hair down as much as others, I experienced the island life in full and am still recovering from the diversity of stimuli: crystal clear waters, neon colored fish, party animals of all types, and the sweetest of friends surrounding me.

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