Fun Places to Relocate to After Graduation

by Lauren Privette

You’ve got your degree and your college career is at an end; it’s time to spread your wings! The entire world is open to you; where do you want to live?

Realistically, many will be headed home for a year or two, but after that, it’s time to figure out your next move. The U.S has many unique cities that can fit the lifestyle you want in your 20s! I’ve decided to compile a list of four recommended U.S cities that I’ve either been to or have friends living in.

Memphis, Tennessee: My cousin Erika lived in Memphis for a few years and had the time of her life. Live music can be found in abundance within the many bars and restaurants along the Memphis streets (especially Beale St!) The southern hospitality and overall friendly disposition of the city’s inhabitants creates a comfortable, fun-loving environment.

Austin, Texas: I recently just got back from a trip to this Texan city where I stayed at my friend Alex’s apartment! First of all, Austin is a hipster haven; they’re everywhere. So for all you hipsters out there, take note. Austin is also home to the University of Tennessee at Austin, making the city a hot spot for young adults (even if you don’t partake in hipster culture). It’s also been dubbed the live music capital of the world, as made evident by the annual SXSW music festival. Hook ‘em horns!

Tucson, Arizona: A former NOVA-native friend of mine recently moved to Tucson and can’t help but brag about the city surrounded by mountains. Tucson is one of the cleanest cities in the U.S, according the American Lung Association. That fresh air is perfect for you bikers out there as it’s also extremely bike friendly. Its program “Bicycle Boulevards” works towards making streets more biker-safe.

Raleigh, NC: I have tons of family members living in this city. They’ve been living there for many generations, which isn’t incredibly shocking given that Raleigh has been ranked the happiest city in the U.S! Based on data gathered by the Center of Disease Control, Raleigh residents have 14% fewer days of feeling “bummed out”. Bring your pet and picnic basket too! About 20% of the city is parkland!

Finally, besides my personal connections to these cities, another reason I chose them was because they’re relatively cheap to live in compared to other stereotypical “big cities”. Consider saving the “big city” for your 30’s, when you’re more secure job-wise. Good luck!

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