Summer Fun in the District

By: Eric Cecchett

With the summer months fast approaching, I, like so many others here at JMU, am slowly (but surely) trudging through a sea of assignments and deadlines, the promise of three months vacation serving as my light at the end of the tunnel.   Among a schedule of erratic naps and binge-writing sessions, I manage to find time to fill my head with daydreams of the warmer, carefree months ahead.  As a native of Northern Virginia, Washington D.C has always been the place to go when looking for an exciting way to spend my time.  

To help make sure you fellow NoVA residents don’t take our nation’s capital for granted this summer, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite DC activities to help get you started.

“Screen on the Green”-  Taking place on the national mall between 7th and 12th Streets,   every Monday night, this unique event takes movies ranging from “E.T” to “Psycho” and puts them up on a large projector screen for anyone to watch (for free!).  Although the movies for 2014 have yet to be announced, I would recommend prepping your lawn chairs and picnic baskets for what is sure to be another great summer from this DC staple.  

Baseball at Nationals Park-  Ever since the installation of their beautiful new stadium in 2008, seeing a game at National’s Park has quickly become one of my favorite DC activities.  With a wide range of tickets available for well under $20 and easy access via the metro, a day at the Nat’s ballpark is both convenient and affordable.  

The Black Cat-  Although it may be overshadowed by larger local venues such as Merriweather and the 9:30 Club, The Black Cat has maintained a quiet modesty while becoming one of the best spots in DC for live music and dance parties.  If you’re not into the live music scene, this venue has been known to host karaoke nights and even the occasional Dr. Who happy hour.  Check out their website here and find something on the schedule for you!

The Brooklyn Brewery Mash- Those of you that choose to do your beer shopping with downtown Harrisonburg’s Midtown Market have undoubtably seen products from the Brooklyn Brewery.  As a rapidly expanding independent company, Brooklyn is bringing their brand to DC with the self-proclaimed “largest traveling food and arts festival in America.”  The Brooklyn Brewery Mash combines food, beer and culture in a one week (June 1-7), city-wide event.  Brooklyn’s site offers detailed schedules and descriptions of the many exciting events that can be expected.  

The National Gallery of Art-  While I realize that many people have most likely visited the National Gallery before, after paying $15 to get into the MoMA in New York, I cannot stress enough how fortunate we are to have this completely free resource available to us.  Hosting paintings ranging from Monet to Dali, the collection at this museum is guaranteed to amaze even the most casual advocates of fine art.  Visit their site here to check out upcoming exhibitions for the summer. 

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