Experience the 30-Day Challenge

College is about learning right? So what better way to learn than through experience! A 30-day challenge is the perfect way to set parameters for experiences. Their logic is very simple; chose a challenge and carry it out each day. Say you chose a BIG challenge like eating a vegan diet. You are going to have to take steps that you believe in to achieve this challenge. If you want to go cold turkey, that’s great, but if the challenge is intimidating take it one step at a time. Start by only buying vegan foods at the grocery and slowly replacing those you already have. It is important to set goals you feel you CAN achieve.

Some of the people I admire most are constantly finding new challenges for themselves. One of my friends makes it a point to reach out to the meaningful people in her life and spend time with them when she is at home, another has recently embarked on the peace corps for two years, and a third has removed all items from his room only to return 100 or less. I see these challenges they set for themselves as a path to a new experience and perhaps a new perspective. It keeps things fresh.

For this reason, and with some help from my TAD team, I have compiled a list of challenges for all of us to consider. I even organized them with input from Dr. Anne Fabine’s advice in a 2012 “Harvard Men’s Health Watch” publication which discusses different ways you can exercise your brain.

So, without further ado:

30 Day Challenges


Unplug from any unnecessary social media (TV, FB, Twitter, Radio)

Reconnect with an old friend or reach out to someone new

Write a thank you note


Try a vegan/vegetarian diet

Bike everywhere within two miles

Write out a workout routine and follow it

Use the concept of sleep cycles or the circadian rhythm for sleeping

Pick up hula-hooping


Turn your phone off for an hour a day

Dedicate an hour to yourself

Start your day with meditation/yoga

Capture a moment in a photo

Find a list of topics to mull over and write a journal entry on them

De-clutter: get rid of one thing

Don’t buy anything new


Don’t plan out your free time

Learn a new word and apply it

Explore a new place

Read a news article, or section of a book

Discover a new artist (art, cinema, music, etc.)

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