Let ‘CAP’ Help You Take That Next Step to Success.

After a few years here at JMU, I have come to realize that there is truly something for everyone. When I wanted to host my own radio show, WXJM allowed me to do that. When I wanted to play in an organized soccer league, JMU’s intermural program helped me make that a reality. When I wanted professional experience in my field, the Office of Technology and Design was there to offer me an amazing job. JMU’s vast expanse of extracurriculars and services cater to virtually every conceivable situation students would want to find themselves in.

I am now a JMU student in the twilight of his senior year, becoming exponentially more panicked each passing day about life after college, and much to my relief, JMU has something for that too.

The JMU Career and Academic Planning Center’s goal is to “provide opportunities and support that will engage students in the process of exploring, evaluating, and choosing academic programs and careers.” Whether you are a freshman concerned with choosing a major or a panicked senior trying to lock down a job, the CAP program has something for you.

After speaking to the very helpful communications coordinator Emily Blake, I learned that the ways in which CAP helps students can broadly be broken up into three categories.

Helping students find their direction. By providing knowledgeable and friendly professional liaisons for every major, CAP makes sure to cater directly to all JMU students. Whether you are a freshman trying to determine your major or a senior frantically researching graduate schools/potential career options, the CAP faculty is here to help!

Cleaning up that resume and sharpening those interview skills. Working in tandem with their faculty, CAP provides an extensive online guide to crafting the ideal professional persona. The numerous links on their website cover everything from resume building to networking techniques and everything in-between.

Job and internship opportunities. Job fairs and professional workshops are all held on a regular basis. Keep up to date with the latest events with the handy calendar located on their website.

Last but certainly not least, CAP offers students the “Recruit a Duke” service. This online amenity allows students to search through a wealth of potential employers who are interested in hiring JMU students. By using multiple filters, users of “Recruit a Duke” are able to create a personalized experience that helps bring you one step closer to landing that job.

Now that you know all about the comprehensive, available, and completely free services dedicated entirely to taking that post-grad stress off your shoulders, come check it out here!

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