20 Reasons Why Winter Break is the Best and the Worst

Why it’s the Best:

  1. No homework! Finals are over and you’re at peace with the fact that cramming may not result in the most impressive of grades. But it’s over, right?
  2. Upon staying with your parents (or other family members) for a month, you revert back to the helpless state of a middle schooler and allow them to make you PB & J’s and wash your clothes.
  3. The potential for taking up the old hobbies you’ve neglected like skateboarding, close up magic, or cooking is endless.
  4. Netflix. All the time.
  5. All the food, just a short walk to the kitchen away.
  6. All of the best holiday movies are on repeat.
  7. Staying up late, and sleeping in late. That is, if college hasn’t ruined your ability to sleep past 8 am.
  8. You start to remember what it’s like to live a life free of stress, sleep deprivation, and too much campus food.
  9. You finally get to return those pesky textbooks that have been weighing down your backpack and, consequently, your spine.
  10. You can finally drive somewhere without worry of getting a ticket for being in the wrong lot. You can also ditch the constant worry of finding a parking spot, or deciphering the bus schedule. Cherish it.

Why it’s the Worst:

  1. You find yourself stranded in your old room, potentially still decorated with outdated pictures of yourself sporting either bleached blonde hair or wearing a choker.
  2. Frozen reruns dominate TV.
  3. The chore of wrangling those last minute classes, and the hysteria that ensues when they remain closed. All. Break.
  4. The inevitable small talk you must engage in with family members, neighbors, friends, or the mailman feels endless. (“So what are your plans after graduation?”)
  5. Chores, am I right? The driveway isn’t going to shovel itself!
  6. Accepting that you forgot (insert important item here) in your dorm and that you won’t see it again for a month.
  7. Packing to go home, packing to visit family, packing to come back to JMU; not to mention the eventual disarray your suitcase will end up in as it gets messier and harder to close every time.
  8. The separation from your JMU friends feels like an ill-timed breakup.
  9. You run into people from high school while at home and remember that some social interactions are still, and always will be, awkward.
  10. You neglect your email all break and come back to find you have 100 emails. The overwhelmed feeling that results is all too familiar.

The above section of this post was meant to be funny, but its larger purpose was to provide a platform to briefly shed light on an issue that often remains shaded. While most of us can relate to many of the above statements, some students may be facing a winter break in which they can’t go home for any number of reasons. Others may be facing a break with limited resources such at food, shelter, or warm clothing. Should you find yourself in one of these positions, consider the following: seeking out locals who need pet sitting or house sitting services, short term subletting, or staying with friends. For help with resources, head over to this site. And lastly, if transportation is your issue, make use of carpooling as a way to get home! Check out your options at JMU here.

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