Behind the Scenes

You might find it hard to believe, but I, along with my fellow writer companions at TAD, do more than just write eloquent blog posts and cover the many events and news that occur within University Unions.  Like Nelly Furtado said, “[we’re] not a one-trick pony.” We each have separate lives outside of TAD that are wrought with adventures and hobbies and passions that we are just dying to share! So, our blog posts for the month of February will be like a literary MTV Cribs; we’re inviting you inside our lives to check out where the real magic happens!

So what am I up to when I’m not prancing around TAD’s lovely new home at Taylor 205?

One of my biggest time-occupiers is being the Big Events Coordinator for WXJM, JMU’s only student-run radio station. Along with my Big Events sisters Kea and Marley, I plan and book concerts downtown on behalf of the radio station. One of our biggest challenges this year will be planning the radio station’s 25th Anniversary event. Contract negotiation, nailing down venues, and communicating with band managers and agents can be a bit demanding, but little things, like having the band sleep at your house at the end of the night, make it all worthwhile. I never imagined that I’d be showing some of my favorite YouTube videos to one of my favorite bands (Tonstartssbandht) in my own living room while dipping foot-long Jimmy John’s sub rolls into olive oil and pepper—but I did! On top of that, my other radio responsibility is my actual show: a weekly, freeform two hour slot on Saturdays which I informally named Big Pants Beluga last semester. What makes all of the work worth it? My obsession with devouring as much music I can swallow—that, and my desire to promote and support underrepresented music.

Aside from that, I spend the rest of my time quite informally. On any given day before 12PM, you can find me scribbling m morning aggressions (I am NOT a morning person, but writing it out always helps) and bizarre-o dreams from the night before in my moleskin before I head out for the day. Also true to English major form, I am obsessed with reading. I’m currently knee deep in Federico Garcia Lorca’s esteemed play “Bodas de Sangre.” When I’m not consuming information through written word, I am probably sprawled out on a couch somewhere absorbed in my latest TV show; I’m currently on the last seasons of Mad Men and The Sopranos. And when I’m not absorbing any of the media previously mentioned, it’s probably because I have the money to actually do something which, if I can swing it, will always be cooking. If I can’t create using words, trying a new recipe on friends and family is always my next choice.

Stay tuned for more blog posts detailing the intimate lives of our writing team throughout the month!

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