Life Outside the Office

What do I do outside of TAD?

Well, I could go a couple routes here. I could tell you that I’m extremely passionate about sexual assault and intimate partner violence advocacy, and that a majority of my time is spent working on that. Or, because less of my time is spent on leisure activities, I could focus on those, since those parts of me don’t get as much airtime. Or I could talk about how much I love writing…but that must be obvious right?

So here’s a (by no means complete) list of stuff and things you’re likely to find me doing during my down time:

  1. Cat’s Cradle. ‘Nough said? It’s a short walk from my apartment, offers unlimited fuzzy friends, and it’s free. This is often a great stress reliever, though sometimes the occasional grumpy cat with twitchy claws makes me a little too nervous.
  2. Hanging out at the Artful Dodger. Their Pot O’ Tots (a literal terra cotta pot of tater tots) is one of the main attractions, but otherwise I go for the drag shows, salsa night, or to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with a good Mocha. How very hipster, right? In actuality it seems to be one of the most queer-friendly place in the burg, so it has a little piece of my heart.
  3. Baking! The TAD friends who knew me before my life became way too busy know I used to occasionally bring homemade treats into the office. Fun fact: I have a whisk tattooed on my wrist because I’m that much of a hardcore baker. My next kitchen adventure will entail making homemade marshmallows.
  4. I do have a few, so sometimes we will do the things friends do, like going on impromptu runs for Ben & Jerry’s at 11 o’clock at night; or when we’re feeling really adventurous, we cook dinner for each other (no boxed macaroni allowed). Our latest and greatest escapade involved a mediocre bottle of Reisling and homemade pizza—it was great.
  5. Living out my old lady alter ego, Myrtle, by sequestering myself to bed with a book, ODESZA Pandora, and (if it’s an ideal day) a surplus of the bulk red licorice wheels from Martins.
  6. Crafting is probably one of my most favorite and treasured leisure activities. DIY is probably also my favorite acronym. I specialize in making bow ties and cards, but my craftiness has no discrimination, so nothing if off limits.

I like to pretend that this list indicates a rather full and cultured life, but in reality more often than not, you will find me on my couch with my partner watching whatever Netflix show is our new obsession. Right now, The Good Wife is seriously dominating my time in a way that could be described as problematic…but nonetheless I would highly recommend it (though it’s only available on Hulu, so start that 30 day free trial ASAP). I would also like to say that I recognize that the majority of the above items involve food. This is very telling.

I think a great conclusion to this piece is the famous Annie Dillard quote, “Follow your own weirdness.” While she was referencing writing, I think it’s still applicable to daily life. Students don’t often get a lot of time be still or indulge in their favorite, often weird (read old lady alter ego) pastimes outside of school and work. So my advice to you is to embrace the tiny moments in life where you have even just a half an hour to be your bizarre, genuine self. Enjoy!

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