The Life and Times of Natalie Miller

I am a young TADpole with very little experience of life inside of the office. My existence outside of the TAD-osphere, however, is busy and often ridiculous.

I write for The Breeze, so regularly attending meetings and conducting interviews always fill my schedule. This can be hectic, but I love the energy and excitement of a new assignment. The greatest part about writing articles is meeting passionate people and learning about new Harrisonburg-area happenings. Having backstage access to people’s lives and speaking with them about what drives their souls keeps every story new and fresh in my mind.

Writing inhabits a great part of my being—often it’s impossible to decipher the words from myself or be sure of who is creating whom. Sometimes I like to shock my brain and do other things with my life, too. I tutor a middle school-aged Puerto Rican girl twice a week. Gabriela and her family are beautiful humans. The De Jesus-Martinez family treats me like a Hermana and always offers me Oreos and hugs when I visit.

“Foreign” things fascinate me beyond what can probably be considered a healthy interest. Any and everything new and exciting renders me helpless to its novel beauty. I love learning new languages for fun, and have made my own German and Spanish vocabulary notebooks. Before college I studied French for five (unsuccessful) years and have taken four semesters of Italian at JMU. I just love words. I don’t even have to know what they mean; I just like admiring them and listening to their sounds.

Often I need non-wordy time, too. Adventure is the momentum that keeps my body moving forward. I like to take walks alone or go for quiet drives in the country. Some days I disappear for hours, getting lost on roads or in my head. I’m an incredibly introverted being and require personal space to remain sane. At night I love star gazing and emptying my head of everything but their glittering eyes.

Another one of my oddly favorite things to do is sit quietly in pretty places. My head is always so full of thinks and commitments that I need an escape every now and again. Getting in my car with a journal and some books to find a nice secluded area for listening to music and doodling is a small reward for behaving well in normal society.

Contrary to previously confessed habits, I’m not a complete loner. I love hanging out with my friends and getting into shenanigans. My friends are incredible humans because they’re always up for anything and have amazing, bizarre ideas. Sometimes we like to listen to music while making collages and chomping on messy popcorn balls. Sometimes we go out and come home with stop signs and new buddies. Regardless, every day is an awesome adventure and I’m always excited to wake up and see what kinds of trouble comes my way.

Basically, I’m a mess of a person, but I wouldn’t want to live any other way. I’m down for just about anything and like being in the company of  humans who share the same sentiment. I enjoy getting into crazy situations, or laying in a field with solitude for miles.  This old soul finds TAD to be a wonderful new environment to explore and develop into a true writer.

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