Floral Fun DIY

Making a place into a home is an endeavor that requires time and care. And as a 22 year old, I haven’t had extensive experience with this. But I will say that moving from a crowded four-person apartment to a one bedroom requires a special kind of organization, and offers a blank canvas in the form of 638 square feet. When I first saw the unit, I was enchanted with visions of the cozy apartment I could turn it into. The tenant living there at the time had a pretty loose interpretation of the word “homey,” namely because his main decorative feature was a light up and/or inflatable palm tree (I can’t remember which). So when I began to think about decorating this apartment with my partner, naturally the first thing I did was go to Pinterest for a little “pinsperation.” That’s where I found this tutorial that I later adapted for my apartment, a DIY project to create unique floral letters for hanging up on a wall. This DIY the first one I did for my new apartment and my favorite so far. You’ll need a glue gun, a letter to decorate, and a bunch of fake flowers (details below). So, here’s my adaption of the project in five short steps:

  1. Track down some initials you like. I got mine at Target for a couple dollars each around the time when they had a bunch of dorm stuff out. Another possibility is Michaels, who almost always has letters of different styles in stock.
  2. While at Michaels (how convenient), check out their fake flower selection. Pro tip: Michaels almost always has a coupon online, so take advantage of that, as their flowers can be pricey. For a low cost alternative, check out the Dollar Store’s flower selection. You’ll probably need a handful of flower stalks for one letter, and double that if you’re doing more than one. If flowers aren’t your thing, there are a lot of other options—buttons, book pages, etc.
  3. De-stem each flower. Usually the flowers pop right off, but if they’re stubborn, you can always snip them off with scissors. You want to get off as much stem as possible so the bottom of the flower is relatively flat.
  4. If you’re a planner, you’ll want to roughly lay out the organization of the flowers on your chosen initial. This is especially helpful so you can make sure you have enough flowers and that same-colored flowers are spaced appropriately.
  5. Fire up your glue gun! It’s assembly time. Based on your layout, simply start to glue each flower to the letter. There’s no real finesse to this part as long as you know where each flower is going. Hot glue dries within a minute so when you’re done, you can hang these right away.

This is probably the easiest DIY ever, right? If you’re like me, the hardest part is figuring out where to hang the final products. I decided to hang them over my bed (because how else would I know whose bed it was?) I hung mine on brick so I kind of wiggled nails into the mortar and left the rest up to fate. They haven’t fallen off yet so I feel pretty confident about my decision. For renters, you’ll want to use some paint safe Command strips, or something that won’t harm your walls.

This DIY was a little time consuming, but the result was really rewarding. I love getting to add personal handmade touches to my apartment because I’m a big believer in the idea that environment dictates attitude. And even the littlest additions, like some floral letters, can make a huge difference.

Floral Letter

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