What I’ve Learned This Year, Through the Words of Tina Belcher

I like to think that no matter how eloquently I put something, Tina Belcher (from Bob’s Burgers) says it better. Therefore, the lessons I’ve learned this year can be summed up in a few carefully chosen Tina Belcher quotes. These lovely gems came from Buzz Feed’s article “22 Life Lessons From Tina Belcher.” While they may be silly, I think humor is one of the most important things to embody when times are tough—or just in general. So, please enjoy the following list of lessons:

  1. “I’m a smart, strong, sensual woman.” As hilarious as this is coming out of Tina Belcher’s mouth, it’s something I’ve learned this past year. I have learned to be intentional about loving myself, including the various identities and characteristics I inhabit by embracing my queerness, practicing body positivity, and allowing myself to indulge in Netflix binges when I needed recharging. I have found that it is incredibly easy to fall into destructive patterns of ignoring my own needs, or letting other people’s opinions about me affect my confidence. But as long as I stay in line with Tina’s sentiment, it always ends up ok.
  2. “Is it possible to be in love with 25 people at once?” Tina may be referring to a team of attractive baseball players, but for me this quote is all about spreading compassion and love. It took me a while to find my place here at JMU, but when I did, I was so warmly welcomed by so many organizations and groups of people (to whom I am forever indebted to). I try to live in such a way that I can be a warm and welcome presence in the lives of others as well. I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by incredibly smart and passionate people, such as my fellow TAD friends, the members of Campus Assault Response (CARE), and Madison Equality, and I can only hope to return the favor.
  3. “Dad, if you believe you’re beautiful, you will be. I did.” Positivity and determination are two skills I have worked particularly hard on perfecting this year. This has been both the hardest and most rewarding year of my life. Some days were extremely hard to stay positive during, but it all came back to my willingness to just keep working at everything I had going on. And as cliché as it is, I know I’m better for it.
  4. “Ugh, my heart just pooped its pants.” It’s not surprising that Tina said this, is it? I’m not sure exactly how to apply this quote to my personal life lessons; the possibilities seem endless. I think it ultimately takes me back to the importance of keeping a sense of humor and being flexible when things don’t work out. This year has taught me to be ok with things not going as planned. And as someone who is a little bit of a control freak, this has been huge.

I hope that some of my Tina Belcher lessons have been helpful to you too. If you’re ever feeling low, channel Tina and repeat the following quote in your head: “Time for the charm bomb to explode.” You’re fabulous!

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