If I had a dime.

If I had a dime.

If I had a dime for every time I got distracted during my writing I would probably have enough money to pay my college tuition. Unfortunately, the only reward I receive from my distraction is sporadic waves of genius informed by the random thoughts that pop into my head.  Although for every genius thought that crosses my mind, there are at least ten useless thoughts that come before it.

For example, it’s taken me 43 minutes to write the first 100 words of this blog post. Not because I want every word that I write to be eloquent and sublime, but because thoughts like, “I wonder who is winning the Warriors vs. Clippers game” or “What was the name of the instrumental that was in that one video?” These thoughts offer no relevant insight, yet they seem to always force themselves into my consciousness. The craziest thing about these random thoughts is that I can never recall them when I need them. By this time tomorrow, one of my friends is going to ask me if I saw the Warriors game and I’m probably not going to know what they are talking about. It’s funny the way our brain works.

The only way that I can be productive during my writing is if I take numerous preventive measures in order to negate any possible distractions. I’m always ready to write and I have an unlimited reserve of inspiration but I struggle with maintaining access to it. I can usually channel my inspiration on command but I can’t control how long it is going to stay. Here are a few steps that I take to keep my creativity going.

1st Step: Avoid any human interaction.

  • I like to talk, even if it’s about nothing. I’ve engaged in hour long conversations from nonsense that ranges from “what my theme song would be if I was a T.V. show” to my personal favorite “how much money would it take you to…” So if I want to get any work done, my first step is to separate myself from people.

2nd Step: Use the Internet for research and nothing more.

  • I still have yet to perfect this step. Google makes it so easy for you to spend hours on websites like “50 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Ivy League Degrees” or “Things In Your House That May Be Causing Cancer.” I will one day conquer my internet weakness but until then I’ll keep you posted.

3rd Step: Play music that you like but not music that you really like.

  • Do you ever just have impromptu dance battles in your room by yourself or is that just me? Anything with a beat compels me to move so I have to specifically tailor my study music to be energizing but slightly boring.

4th Step: Don’t get comfortable. You will fall asleep.

  • I think my body’s natural setting is stuck on the snooze button. I fall asleep because I can. Most of the time I’m not even tired which is the most frustrating part. So as a general rule, I usually keep myself far away from any sort of bed, couch, or anything remotely soft.

Being a great writer is difficult. You want everything you write to be eloquently said and well-constructed but getting there isn’t always pretty. For me, the thought of creating something that will bring the reader joy is motivation enough to endure the struggles I face while writing a piece. So after three hours of an assortment of Google searches and YouTube Videos, here is my blog post. I hope it brings you joy.


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