Comeback Fashions of 2016

Oh 2016. You will be remembered for political turmoil, worldwide tragedies and the deaths of many beloved stars. But as we post on social media with “#seeyounever2016,” let us remember the silver lining—the comeback of 90’s fashion trends.

All About That Neck 

Just as your mom purges the last turtleneck from your closet back home, they explode back into clothing stores. Yes it’s back—the sweater that extends up and around your neck to keep you feeling slim and strangled all at the same time. It’s finally socially acceptable to dress like Rachel, Monica and Phoebe from Friends, so pull out those faded, high waisted jeans and squeeze into a turtle neck and you’ll blend right in.

Not only have turtlenecks made a comeback, so have chokers. Like the name implies, chokers are necklaces that tie around your neck like delicate dog collars. They can be paired with almost any shirt, except of course a turtleneck.

Burst of Berry Lips 

Berry lips were a fad of the 90’s but because history has a habit of repeating itself, celebrities and civilians are sporting the bright lipstick once again. Thankfully, this is a cheap and easy to maintain trend since all it requires is a quick trip to the nearest drug store and a steady hand to apply the makeup. Whether you’re wearing a dress, t-shirt or jumper, berry lipstick will compliment any lips and any outfit.

Rebirth of the Bomber Jacket  

As street style again invades every guy’s wardrobe, the bomber jacket has made a re- appearance. Also called flight jackets, they were originally designed for military pilots during World War I and World War II, but became a fashion trend from the 70’s through the 90’s. In fact, they were worn as the “national costume” of the United States at an APEC meeting in 1993. With the help of certain celebrities like Kanye West who wear these jackets as staple items, the bomber coat has been re-introduced into men’s fashion in the typical navy colors but also in neon colors as well.

Denim is the New Black 

Layers of denim on denim on denim are once more flooding the streets. Typically, it’s acceptable to either wear jean pants or a denim shirt but it’s okay again to wear both. Together. And if the weather is chilly, you can even throw a jean jacket over that denim shirt and no one will bat an eye. If washed-out blue is your color or you enjoy the coarse feeling of this material, then 2016 was your lucky year. Layer away.

Although seemingly marked by grim upheaval, 2016 has also brought back some saucy styles that will surely spill into 2017 as well.

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