Starting Today, I Love Myself

by Brooke Blaney

Starting since forever,

To the end of my life,

A certain truth

Remaining with me always;

The only one I can depend on

Is you, myself.

No one else can handle so much,

Going on with me no matter what.


Today I know the pain is from me.

Offering too much to others,

Destructive people, destructive thoughts,

Aching when I’m alone with you, myself.

Your value meaning nothing to me.


I promise you, starting today, I’ll stop making you:


Love people who hurt you,

Overthink feeling alone,

Value yourself based on the words of others, and

Echo those terrible memories.


Myself, I promise you from now on,

Your value will not depend on others,

Seeing and remembering evils will not hurt you,

Earning love from men will not be a priority, and

Love will replace self-guilt and shame.

Forever, I will learn to love myself.

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