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It Begins with a Line

Photo: my first performance at the Golden Pony. Photo by Paul Somers. 

“The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium.”

–Norbet Platt


 “You’re a part of that poetry club, right? Do you remember the poem you read about the guy hugging the girl and holding onto her like a balloon?”

I was riding the night bus back home off of the JMU  campus late one night and a shy girl in the seat next to mine hesitantly brought up one of my favorite hobbies: poetry and public readings. She knew exactly how to start the conversation, that’s for sure.  Continue reading It Begins with a Line

The Escalator Monster

“If you don’t get off fast enough, it’ll pull you in and eat you!”

My older sister doesn’t remember telling me this, but I sure do. In a two-floor mall in Virginia, a rare sight for our family, I saw my first escalator. When you tell your eight(ish)-year-old brother about a creature that lives under a mode of transportation, it’s a sure fire way to get him to fear it for the rest of his life.  Continue reading The Escalator Monster

Wake Me Up When This Freshman Confessional Ends

(These reflective assignments are supposed to be good for you, right? Right. Okay. I’ll ignore the uprooted hair and pulled teeth and claim this all had value.)

Dear Freshman Scott,

You’re a mess, and that’s okay. Really. Take a minute and breathe and just think it over. You’re already overthinking this, but we’ll work through it together. Yeah, you might’ve cried on the phone homesick during 1787. You might be currently wasting your time on people who drain your life energy and you don’t know the most painless way to break up an accidental friendship. Spoiler alert: there isn’t one. You don’t even know how to clean a bathroom. Life skills that living in the woods never did bestow you pile up when your world grows exponentially.

Opportunities will open up for you that you’d never thought possible, and you’ve got to be prepared to slam open the door. It’s hard to fathom that you’ll be anything more than this asocial recluse you’ve self-labeled yourself. There will be change.

But, you’ve still got a long ways to go to get ready for it, and I’ve got a few solid pieces of advice for you. If just to make those first few months easier.  Continue reading Wake Me Up When This Freshman Confessional Ends

Doing What I Love – Writing Poems

Our topic this month was to write about the most important thing we’ve learned this year in college. I’ve learned many
things, from trivial facts to life-defining truths, and I wanted to share what I do most instead of just telling you about it. So I wrote a poem, and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Among the numerous lessons of the year, that is one I take to heart: invest time in doing what you love.

Of ‘Wasting’ Time  Continue reading Doing What I Love – Writing Poems

Paint By Numbers – Adorning your Walls with Pixel Art 

With the vacant white walls of your barren apartment looming above you, it might seem expensive to find posters, prints, or other solutions. Maybe you’ve got the cash, but can’t find any piece that represents you best. Aside from a Maya Angelou quote on creativity and a Doctor Who Starry Night TARDIS print in my room, it’s hard for me to find pieces that add a touch of personal flair beyond what can be bought in a Walmart or on a generic poster website.

As a huge gamer, so much of what I identify with exists behind a screen. Nailing a perfect jump in Mario and catching the newest Pokemon are feelings not much typical wall décor can replicate. How do you take something small and virtual and turn it into a piece of décor? With this tutorial, you can take your favorite sprites from gaming’s early eras and make some awesome unique additions to your space! Continue reading Paint By Numbers – Adorning your Walls with Pixel Art 

Busted Foglights & Foster Dogs – Scott Oslin in Focus

What do I do outside of TAD?

This is one of those biographical take-stock-of-the-backroom type of assignments. I spend so much time managing the front end of ‘Scott Oslin Writes and Plays Video Games and Walks His Dog Sometimes’ LLC that I don’t think much about what happens when no one’s looking. I’m more of a motivated by the prompt kind of writer, less of a self-directed one; except when I’m on a bus. I have a lot of poems about people on busses. Continue reading Busted Foglights & Foster Dogs – Scott Oslin in Focus