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The Big Event

by Elizabeth Short

On Monday, The Breeze printed a front-page article, “On-Campus Block Party?” I just got around to reading the article and at first glance I thought, ‘there is no way that an event like this will be successful at JMU.’ However, as I was reading the article I had a change of thought.  This event has a strong potential of being successful at JMU and it might help to improve our relationship with the Harrisonburg community.

The Big Event is tentatively planned for April 9. (Correction: It’s definitely planned for April 9!) The idea behind the event is that students would go to local neighborhoods and help with home improvement or different neighborhood projects. After the event, the students can possibly look forward to an alternative-Springfest celebration with live music.

I didn’t attend Springfest last year and would never attend one in the future. I know there are many other students at JMU who would say the same thing. The Big Event, as described in The Breeze article, will provide students who do not party a chance to celebrate the beginning of spring and relax with friends. I am now looking forward to The Big Event on April 9!

May ASB trip

by Mike Bock

So do you guys remember Hurricane Katrina? It seems kind of crazy, but it’s been five years and there are still huge areas that are wrecked from the storm. I don’t mean to pull a Kanye here, but I think it’s ridiculous that more hasn’t been done to help out the people of Louisiana.

I guess someone at JMU agrees with me.

In an event that has become something of a tradition for Community Service Learning, JMU will be offering an Alternative Break trip to New Orleans to help out with Hurricane Katrina relief. The trip, which is open to 56 members of the JMU community, will be held from May 7-14, and will take place in the Orleans district of New Orleans. The main focus of the trip will be repairing houses and communities, but volunteers will be placed wherever help is needed in the area. Current estimates put the trip at around $300, but the price may vary depending on how many people sign up.

The application process is currently ongoing and will close tomorrow, February 1, at 4 p.m.

More information about the trip can be found here.