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Busted Foglights & Foster Dogs – Scott Oslin in Focus

What do I do outside of TAD?

This is one of those biographical take-stock-of-the-backroom type of assignments. I spend so much time managing the front end of ‘Scott Oslin Writes and Plays Video Games and Walks His Dog Sometimes’ LLC that I don’t think much about what happens when no one’s looking. I’m more of a motivated by the prompt kind of writer, less of a self-directed one; except when I’m on a bus. I have a lot of poems about people on busses. Continue reading Busted Foglights & Foster Dogs – Scott Oslin in Focus

Life Outside the Office

What do I do outside of TAD?

Well, I could go a couple routes here. I could tell you that I’m extremely passionate about sexual assault and intimate partner violence advocacy, and that a majority of my time is spent working on that. Or, because less of my time is spent on leisure activities, I could focus on those, since those parts of me don’t get as much airtime. Or I could talk about how much I love writing…but that must be obvious right? Continue reading Life Outside the Office

Behind the Scenes

You might find it hard to believe, but I, along with my fellow writer companions at TAD, do more than just write eloquent blog posts and cover the many events and news that occur within University Unions.  Like Nelly Furtado said, “[we’re] not a one-trick pony.” We each have separate lives outside of TAD that are wrought with adventures and hobbies and passions that we are just dying to share! So, our blog posts for the month of February will be like a literary MTV Cribs; we’re inviting you inside our lives to check out where the real magic happens!

Continue reading Behind the Scenes