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Lucky Socks

Everyone has their vices. For me, it’s coffee. It’s not so much of a habit as it is a full-blown addiction. Every morning, I pop a k-cup into my Keurig and let that sweet machine do its magic; the coffee isn’t in the mug long enough to cool before I’ve gulped that otherworldly elixir the heck down. If I don’t drink any before my day starts, I make sure to invest in a hefty cup, hot or iced, anywhere I can get it. (I could stop anytime I want, I swear.)

Last year when I stumbled upon a pair of ankle-high socks with cappuccinos patterned onto the bean-colored background, I knew those suckers were destined to be mine. From the moment they left the sock factory, those babies were headed straight for my size 6.5 feet.

On the way home from the gift shop, I resolved that my coffee socks weren’t going to be just another pair of socks, but my lucky socks. I had never owned anything “lucky” before, aside from pennies I had picked up on rainy days or that cereal with the Styrofoam “marshmallows” inside. But those bad boys, my adrenaline-infused foot warmers, were my new lucky thing.

I wore those puppies during every presentation, every performance, every busy day, and even every tough conversation. The brown color made them palatable enough for a casual outfit while the coffee cup pattern made them quirky enough to be unique– the pair as a whole gave me just enough of a confidence boost to power through rough days. As long as I was wearing those socks, there was nothing I couldn’t conquer. Perhaps it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, but who even cares? When I was wearing my cappuccino socks, I was killing it and no one could tell me otherwise.

The socks had a good run until I misplaced them on the morning of a big interview. I rummaged through drawers, shook out my hamper, and turned over every leaf and stone but to no avail. There was no trace of them– but I had to run. I settled on some pink pineapple socks and sped away in my Oldsmobile, unsure of what the day might bring.

When walking into my interview, I felt naked. No lucky socks? And I expect to be seen as employable? I had to make a decision. Either swerve back around and and turn my apartment upside down until I find those socks, or just put my best lucky-sockless foot forward and face the day by myself.

The latter would save me gas, so I pressed on.

And you know what? I walked in, and crushed it. After nailing the interview (and landing the job!) I realized that I didn’t need the socks to make my life better. I just needed the confidence that they incited in me—which I knew deep down. But sometimes, we all lack the will to trust ourselves, and instead put our trust in lucky charms like socks or even coffee.

My cappuccino socks now lie at rest (wherever the heck I misplaced them) because I don’t need them anymore. I am the master of my own destiny now. I create my own luck.

I wonder what else I could give up. Coffee? Who am I kidding.

Finals Week Myths: True or Busted?

By: Taylor Hudson

Summer is within your grasp! After what I am sure has been a long semester, finals week has approached us. But don’t let yourself become overwhelmed with your schedule overflowing with papers, projects and exams. And, more importantly, don’t fall victim to many of the finals week myths and study schemes that some students swear by.

Study Now, Sleep Later: BUSTED!
I suggest that you refrain from entering Carrier or Rose library during finals week after ten o’clock at night. The only thing you will find in there at that point are overstressed, overworked and ridiculously tired students that are probably not leaving until their exam time on the following day. Don’t be one of those people; studies show that all-nighters actually decrease grades. You brain needs sleep in order to function properly, so depriving yourself completely the night before an exam will actually hurt you in the long run. Aim to get at least four or five hours of sleep, and I promise you won’t regret it.

Lots and lots of Caffeine: BUSTED!
As a coffee drinker myself, this one hits home. One or two cups of coffee won’t hurt, but drinking massive amounts of caffeine through out the day will do more to hurt you than help. Your attention span will decrease, your anxiety level will increase, and energy level will decrease faster. So, you can see how this won’t exactly help your already high stress level and heavy workload.

Jamming Out While Studying: TRUE!
Music will actually keep you more focused, if used correctly. I suggest not listening to your favorite songs or artists because you will end up singing along—or in my case, dancing around the kitchen—rather than focusing on the task in front of you. Perhaps, you can try some acoustic or classical music without lyrics?

The Library is the Best Place to Study: BUSTED!
Contrary to popular belief, there are many places you can study on this campus besides the library. Both Taylor Hall and Warren Hall are open 24 hours during finals week. Try some off-campus locations such as Starbucks, Panera Bread, Greenberry’s, or, or head to Martin’s Grocery Store—the little café in the corner is open 24 hours and they have free wireless Internet.

The moral of the story is simple: Don’t believe everything you are told. Finals week shouldn’t be about all-night cram sessions and overworked students. It should be about ending the year on a positive note and heading into summer knowing you just kicked that exam’s butt.

Starbucks vs. Java City in Rose Library

By Lauren Privette

I know you Startbuck’s lovers out there are happy that the long awaited debut of the Rose Library Starbucks has finally materialized! Upon returning from winter break, students walking into Rose library felt their eyes quickly drawn to the rearranged café space brandishing the “Starbucks” logo along with a modern look and park mural ornamenting the new coffee shop. But was this a good change?

Determining who has the better coffee is a relative question, depending on the individual’s tastes and preferences making it consequently different for everyone. I, personally, prefer drinks a lot stronger than the coffee/espresso drinks I’ve received from Java City. However, there are people who prefer less of a coffee taste and more the opportunity to make it their own with flavors, creamers, and sweeteners. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard friends remark on the loss of their favorite White Chocolate Mocha from Java City. So have we gained or loss by the switch? Or perhaps found a nice compromise?

One major con to the switch is that you cannot buy notecards, bluebooks, writing utensils, etc from Starbucks. These last minute supplies shouldn’t be underrated— I’ve had to return home after just settling in at the library because I left blank notecards there when I usually just bought them from Java City. Hopefully, following Carriers example, Rose will put student supplies in the vending machines.

Food wise, Java City is superior in practically all aspects. Unlike Starbucks, they have options ranging from veggie snacks, to bagels (Mr.J’s bagels), to breads, to sweets. While this Starbucks has sweets and sandwiches, it does not have much variety. Ain’t nobody got money for a $4.00 sandwich!

Despite the cons in the food department, it is a plus to have a Starbucks and Java City on both sides of campus. With the Top Dog Starbucks being replaced with Red Mango, the redundancy of having two less than a football field away from each other is no more, and our favorite coffee shops are more evenly distributed across campus.

Overall, it’s a nice switch. The food and snacks are definitely something my friends and I find ourselves missing, but the arguably higher grade and stronger coffee has become a huge relief when studying in the library for seemingly endless hours. For those of you still missing Java City in Rose, take comfort in the fact that there is one only a short distance away in Festival.