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Starbucks vs. Java City in Rose Library

By Lauren Privette

I know you Startbuck’s lovers out there are happy that the long awaited debut of the Rose Library Starbucks has finally materialized! Upon returning from winter break, students walking into Rose library felt their eyes quickly drawn to the rearranged café space brandishing the “Starbucks” logo along with a modern look and park mural ornamenting the new coffee shop. But was this a good change?

Determining who has the better coffee is a relative question, depending on the individual’s tastes and preferences making it consequently different for everyone. I, personally, prefer drinks a lot stronger than the coffee/espresso drinks I’ve received from Java City. However, there are people who prefer less of a coffee taste and more the opportunity to make it their own with flavors, creamers, and sweeteners. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard friends remark on the loss of their favorite White Chocolate Mocha from Java City. So have we gained or loss by the switch? Or perhaps found a nice compromise?

One major con to the switch is that you cannot buy notecards, bluebooks, writing utensils, etc from Starbucks. These last minute supplies shouldn’t be underrated— I’ve had to return home after just settling in at the library because I left blank notecards there when I usually just bought them from Java City. Hopefully, following Carriers example, Rose will put student supplies in the vending machines.

Food wise, Java City is superior in practically all aspects. Unlike Starbucks, they have options ranging from veggie snacks, to bagels (Mr.J’s bagels), to breads, to sweets. While this Starbucks has sweets and sandwiches, it does not have much variety. Ain’t nobody got money for a $4.00 sandwich!

Despite the cons in the food department, it is a plus to have a Starbucks and Java City on both sides of campus. With the Top Dog Starbucks being replaced with Red Mango, the redundancy of having two less than a football field away from each other is no more, and our favorite coffee shops are more evenly distributed across campus.

Overall, it’s a nice switch. The food and snacks are definitely something my friends and I find ourselves missing, but the arguably higher grade and stronger coffee has become a huge relief when studying in the library for seemingly endless hours. For those of you still missing Java City in Rose, take comfort in the fact that there is one only a short distance away in Festival.